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Affordable couples therapy in St. Louis. Get the support you both need.

Has your relationship lost its spark?

Maybe a big “blow-up” or betrayal has happened, or perhaps things have just slowly fizzled out. You and your partner may be fighting at every turn or simply not communicating at all. Perhaps you’re feeling the tension of living in today’s world as a gay, multi-racial, or inter-religious couple.

Whatever it is that you and your partner are experiencing, you’ve likely begun to notice the impact of this relationship strain in every facet of your lives: your work, parenting, friendships, and overall wellness … and you’re wondering what to do.

Couples therapy can help.

Remember what it was like falling in love with your partner for the first time? The anticipation, the excitement, the curiosity and thrill for what was to come? I’ll help you restore that love you both once felt … and help you maintain it for years and years to come.

Couples therapy consists of helping you do three things:

  • Identify the problems you’re experiencing
  • Understand how you relate to one another
  • Learn the tools and exercises that will help resolve the problems, allowing you to move forward in love and health together

I’ll guide you and your partner through this process, tailoring each step to your unique needs and circumstances. My approach to couples therapy comes from a place of hope: believing that you and your partner already have it within yourselves to have a healthy relationship, but just need some help to get there. 

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Love looks different for everyone.

Multi-cultural, faith based, LGBTQA, and diverse clients welcomed.

Frequently Asked Questions About Couples Therapy

Q: How long will my partner and I need to be in therapy?

My approach to couples therapy is structured around an end goal, so that you don’t feel dependent on your therapist for the health of your relationship. I generally see clients for 8-12 sessions, usually scheduled weekly. However, since everything we will do together is customized to your relationship and its needs, we may end up working together for more or less time.

I also offer “refresher sessions,” standalone sessions for past clients, so you can maintain and fine-tune the skills you learn during couples therapy.

Q: I feel like our relationship may be too far gone. How do I know if couples therapy will work for us?

Couples therapy (sometimes called “marriage therapy” or “couples counseling”) with a trained therapist is grounded in evidence-based methods for restructuring how you and your partner exist in your relationship. It is not just talking to one another with a third party present; it’s actually getting professional support to restore your relationship.

I will meet you both right where you’re at, and together we’ll identify the root causes of the issues you’re experiencing in order to understand what you need to resolve them.

While it’s not possible to make a guarantee, I have helped countless couples heal past wounds and rekindle love in their relationship. I believe yours is worth investing in and, with the right tools, you’ll have what you need to fall back in love (and stay there).

Q: What do couples therapy sessions consist of?

Couples therapy sessions are either 50 or 90 minutes, depending on your needs. Sessions are a mix of talking, therapeutic exercises, and interaction with your partner. Each time we wrap up, I’ll give you both some takeaways and exercises you can put into practice right away, so you can start seeing results after our very first session.

Q: How do we get started?

Schedule your free consult call with me by clicking the button below. I’ll answer any questions you have, and then we’ll schedule your first appointment. Let’s get you and your partner on your way back to the love you both deserve. I can’t wait to speak with you!

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Love is a dance. You must trust and  work together to  become in sync. You both cannot lead at the same time but can take turns switching who has the leading role. When you practice enough, it can be amazing!