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Amour Couples and Family Therapy

Marriage, Couples & Family Therapy: Learning to love and be loved.

Head Over Heals! Relationship Workshop

Building Longevity & Passion


(1) learn at least 4 types of intimacy 

(2) increase your confidence in understanding your spouse/partner's communication style by a relationship expert 

(3) increasing trust and how to fight fair 

(4) practice fun and romantic relaxation techniques to use with your partner by an expert

In this workshop,  you will learn relationship skills, trust, forgiveness,  and also laugh while having fun. Come learn how to love and be loved!


The purpose of this workshop is an educational introduction to relationship building and understanding. Anyone in need of more intensive therapeutic services, are welcome to schedule couples and/or individual therapy appointments with Licensed Marital & Family Therapist, Tiffany Sidney, MS, LMFT. 

This workshop is for people of all relationship stages: from single to married. The skills you will learn can be incorporated in to every area of life, especially your romantic life.

Date: Saturday, September 8, 2018

Time: 8:30AM-11:00AM

Special Rates: $50/couple