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The Impact of Disabilities on Life, Sex, and Families...

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Saturday, December 2, 2017

The Impact of Disabilities on Life, Sex, and Families: Improving Approach and Awareness

The $40 workshop - 9:00 AM - 12:30 PM. 

3.5 (CEUs) are available to behavioral healthcare professionals has been approved by the Washington University in St. Louis Brown School of Social Work for an additional $10.



Topics Covered Include:

  • Education (e.g., caregiver’s role throughout life cycle of PWD)
  • Sexual expression
  • “Accommodations”
  • Legal & Ethical concerns
  • Family Experience
    • Case Study
    • Emotional impact of Homeostasis
    • Preventing burnout
    • Community supports
    • Spoon Theory
  • PWD Life Cycle Experiences
    • Impact of ADA: education, health care, and employment
    • Emotional Development & Resiliency
  • Roles of Medical & Behavioral Health Care Professionals
    • Wabi Sabi
    • Eradicating disability bias
    • Tools for PWD, family, and healthcare professionals: success at home, school, employment, & community

 This workshop will leave you feeling motivated and enlightened!   "Yes we [people with disabilities] travel, have careers, get married, have families, and can be sexual just like you! Don't underestimate us." 

Spaces are limited!


Tiffany Sidney is a licensed Marital & Family Therapist. Mrs. Sidney has successfully navigated the system in relation to disability issues as a woman who cared for her father, a paralyzed veteran and also as a woman with a physical disability.