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Family Therapy Serving St. Louis & the surrounding area

Conflict everywhere you turn?

Families are complex: a system of individual people with their own personalities, beliefs, and struggles … all supposed to just happily coexist. But it’s not that easy, is it? You might be experiencing things like:

  • Children suddenly misbehaving or acting out
  • Large life events causing strain
  • Inability to have productive conversations with children or other family members
  • Resorting to “cutting each other” out of your lives
  • Blended family unable to connect 
  • Tension due to societal pressures from race, sexuality, ability, or religion

Our families play a large part in how we view ourselves and our world. When there is conflict, tension, or dysfunction, the impacts run deep.

Bring harmony back into your home.

I can help you understand your family’s dynamics and resolve conflict, so you can live in harmony, love, and health.

Family therapy with me takes into account every fact of your family:

  • How you operate as a unit
  • The separate relationships and interactions between members
  • Each individual and their needs
  • How all three of these things impact problematic behaviors -- and what to do about it

I’ll work with your entire family to unpack the cause of the issues you’re experiencing, tailoring the entire process to your unique makeup and circumstances. My approach to family therapy is positive and short-term: focused on getting you to the end goal of better dynamics that help you all live happier, healthier lives.

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Family comes in all forms.

Multi-cultural, faith based, LGBTQA, and diverse clients welcomed.

Frequently Asked Questions About Family Therapy

Q: How long will my family and I need to be in therapy?

My approach to family therapy is structured around an end goal, so that you don’t feel dependent on your therapist for the health of your home. I generally see clients for 8-12 sessions, usually scheduled weekly. However, since everything we will do together is customized to your family and your needs, we may end up working together for more or less time.

I also offer “refresher sessions,” standalone sessions for past clients, so you can maintain and fine-tune the skills you learn during family therapy.

Q: Do you involve children in family therapy?

Yes, children 10 and up are encouraged to participate. In order to improve your entire family unit, it is important to incorporate as many members of that unit as possible. For families with children younger than 10, I’ll provide guidance on how to introduce your family therapy learnings to them in an age-appropriate way.

Q: Can extended family participate in family therapy?

Absolutely. If the dynamics with members outside of your nuclear family are strained and contributing to the problems you are experiencing, I encourage that they join us. I have worked with up to 9 members of a family at once!

Q: What do family therapy sessions consist of?

Family therapy sessions are 90 minutes long. Sessions are a mix of talking, therapeutic exercises, and interaction with your family members. Each time we wrap up, I’ll give each of you some takeaways and exercises you can put into practice right away, so you can start seeing results after our very first session.

Q: How do we get started?

Schedule your free consult call with me by clicking the button below. I’ll answer any questions you have, and then we’ll schedule your first appointment. Let’s get you and your family back to enjoying one another and living in harmony. I can’t wait to speak with you!

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Family therapy St Louis, Family counseling, licensed family therapist
Family therapy St Louis, Family counseling, licensed family therapist